"Congrats!! Your shop is the only place I go."   
- Fred from Baldwinsville
"Mike has done all the work on both of my jeeps for almost 3 years and has exceded my expectations everytime. I highly recommend him and if you think West Monroe is to far to go, think again. Finally a mechanic you can trust. Thanks for everything, Mike and good luck."
- Pete from Liverpool
"Whether or not it was my company diesel truck , my New JK with 250 miles on it or my TJ (that has seen better days) have all been in Mike's hands. Never anything to worry about, best prices and the work stands for itself. Congrats Broseph! Do your thaaaang!"   
- Mike from Oswego
"Mike gets my highest recommendation. He's worked his mechanical magic on everything from my 1971 Torino to my 2005 Mazda, and he was instrumental in getting my CJ7 back on the road. No worries here, you can trust him to get the job done right the first time!"   
- Jeramy from Constantia
"I have had the totally different experience with Smitty. I brought my tricycle to him and after he performed routine maintenance, I lost a wheel. After I got it home trying to flex on the front step of my house, which resulted in me falling off and getting a boo-boo, and the local fire department using the jaws of life to get me out of the burned wreckage!!  HAA!  Just kiddin guys and gals.  He has done tons of work for me and it has always been top notch and even when I ask stupid questions, he usually holds the laughter till I leave. I did hear him laugh like a schoolgirl once when I asked him about headlight fluid, but it was after I had shut the door to leave.  Not that you need it, but good luck with the venture. I am sure in time you will have a 6 bay garage and a dozen employees soon, with the big office on the second floor. Stay thirsty my friend!"
- Rick from Fulton